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  • While i don’t use this plugin myself (i mean, how hard is it to copy a few files yourself?), i had a customer that did.

    While as working as advertised for my client, i noticed when backing up his WordPress install a hidden file named .ht_orbisius_child_theme_creator.json in the generated child theme folder.

    The file is empty (0 bytes) and is harmless. However, i don’t like WordPress plug-ins to create hidden files, harmless or not.

    The plug-in author states that i should not write in the forum for support. While this is not exactly support (more of a bug/FYI report), i don’t really want to sign up ANOTHER forum for something that could be done here. But ok, i respect the fact that some developers want to have control over their own support forums for business reasons.

    But i rather write this here (and send a mail to the dev).

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  • Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    Hi Anderton,

    The reason that we developers direct our users to our support is that we have better control over the support solution. e.g. email notifications and so on.

    Remember, the plugin is released for free but the development for it is not free.

    Additionally, I’ve been there. Initially, I handled the support via email.
    It worked when there weren’t a lot of questions, however, the expensive part is the time that a developer must take to write a reply.
    You may not think that is a lot but it ads up.

    So to finally reply to the question why the plugin created a zero byte file called: .ht_orbisius_child_theme_creator.json
    This file use is reserved for future use. It will contain some info about the parent theme.
    If the plugin starts supporting e.g. changing the parent theme, styles etc.
    That file will come in handy.
    Additionally, this file can be used as a flag that will tell which themes have been created by Orbisius Child Theme Creator. That way the plugin may warn the user if you want to have child of child of child etc. which is currently possible.

    Hope this helps.


    The plugin also drops a copy of footer.php in the new folder. Why is that? The support forum appears empty, so I’m posting this here. Thanks

    Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    We have over 25 plugins. Not all of them have own sub-forum just yet.
    The footer.php is dropped because usually the parent theme includes 2-3 links. If you want to keep your SEO juice you’ll want to either reduce them or put a no follow attribute.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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