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  • Resolved Chad Reitsma


    Hey guys,

    I’m building an importer for a client (seems to be a popular request, haha). I’ve got it figured out but during my testing I have changed values in the database (directly with PhpMyAdmin) but they are not reflected for a 3-5 minutes on the frontend. If I keep doing hard refreshes, then eventually they are reflected, but not immediately.

    Example: I have ONLY changed the field: shipping1_address_nickname – directly in the DB, I have not changed any other fields, or the wc_address_book meta field, but the change does not show up for about 3-5 mins…

    We don’t have any caching enabled, and I don’t see any transients that would cause this so I’m really scratching my head.

    Have you experienced this, or know how to fix it?


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  • Thread Starter Chad Reitsma


    Seems to be working after I completed the import script.

    Not sure why changing it in PhpMyAdmin then refreshing didn’t show, but as long as the client can import and then see the changes I’m happy đŸ™‚

    Thanks for making this awesome plugin!

    Plugin Contributor Matt Harrison


    Glad it works with your import! I’m not sure why it wouldn’t with just the database. I tried changing some directly in the DB and it showed up right away for me.

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