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  • Hello!

    I’ve finished my wordpress and would now like to use my domain on it.

    The wp is accessible for now on a domain that goes and I would like to achieve to then follow the codex procedure to obtain

    My question is, what should I do with my domain? I redirected the DNS, and it works, I succeeded in adding it as a parked domain unto, but after reading more about this topic, I’m getting confused : some people install wp on a parked domain, some on an addon! What should I do to obtain in the end a neat domain?
    Addon or parked? And is there any modification needed to have it running?
    Also, I didn’t check my website before putting the domain in the parked domains, but after I did so I tried to access my wp-admin and I get the “Error establishing a database connection” bug.
    Last time I had this, my host provider’s full site was down, but now it’s just mine. The site itself shows the same database connection bug. Is it related?

    Cheers, any advice much welcome.

    P.S : I often see coming up topics where people ask because they use multisites, but I just have a straight, simple portfolio with a few pages and it’s all there will ever be there!

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  • Someone really nailed the difference here :

    So I suppose this answers my main question.

    Let me ask then, is it normal to have a “Error establishing a database connection” bug when parking a domain (the famous up to 76h to be active kinda thing?) ?
    Or does parking a domain calls for modifications of the wp-config.php file?
    I hope it’s just my host bugging, but please, if there is things to do/excpect when parking a domain, tell me!

    Cheers people.

    Alright, this is moving on to be a proper nightmare!

    All I ever did was to park a domain, and now, as I connected on my C-panel, I can see I don’t have any MySQL database! It completely disappeared!!

    Does this happen often?! Hopefully I saved my whole website before messing around with the C-panel, but I’m really distressed here!
    What can make such a situation happen?
    Should I just re-upload everything on my ftp? How does this work? i’m thrown back to step one!! Help!

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