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[Resolved] addon domain for blog, admin section too?

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  • actually — now i notice that i can’t even log in at the shortpaleandugly.com addon URL. the “login” and “register” links automatically take you to the robkamphausen.com/blog/ URL.

    and even when i do login at the robkamphausen.com/blog/ URL, it still says i’m logged out at shortpaleandugly.com (though i can make edits to that site via the robkamphausen.com/blog/ admin section)

    confusing, like an episode of lost! 🙂

    I have WordPress installed on an addon domain and both the WordPress and blog URL are set with the addon domain’s URL and it works fine.

    For fixing WordPress and blog URL issues, see:


    Heya iridiax, thanks for the response 🙂

    OK, following the “define(‘RELOCATE’,true);” method, I was able to successfully update some of the problems. The images are now in the proper addon domain, as well as the WP Admin section.

    The one issue still remaining is the ability to log in on the site. The log in links take you to the proper domain, but it does not recognize that I am logged in. It takes me to the admin panel, and then when I visit the blog again, I am logged out.

    any ideas?

    oop – tried a few more things and I think it’s working now…

    I’m going to dub this “resolved”.

    …for now 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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