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  • I have setup wp multisite. webhostinghub support told me to setup an addon domain for my secondary site. which now has a subdirectory placed in my public folder as secondary

    i put wp ms in root directory. I want to create wp site for the secondary site domain. but now i don’t understand how to map the wp added site to secondary (add-on domain) using domain mapping plugin.

    it is a hell of confusing mess… can you map the wp site created in wpms to show the (add-on domain)? some say yes others say absolutely NO.

    should i find another solution for cms instead of wpms? I had hoped it was easier than this ….can anyone help me set it up?

    thanks for listening to my confusion! there has to be easier way of doing this!

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    An add-on domain lets you run a second, totally separate, domain from the same hosting package.

    A parked domain lets you put a second domain on top of your first one.

    Get rid of the add on, unless you really want a totally unconnected site, and park your domain on top of the first one. If you can’t do that, you can add-on the domain on top of the first one, instead of its own folder. That should let you use a domain mapping plugin.

    @ipstenu thanks..

    my hosting service said to put my second domain as an addon..

    I have installed wp multisite in root directory… and my second domain is now addon domain has a directory under root.. (i do not want to redo it because now I have email addresses for all my collaborators)..

    so your statement If you can't do that, you can add-on the domain on top of the first one, instead of its own folder. … the content is different for each subdomain because they will sell different things e.g. accounting service, and another will sell toys…but both will have business owner.

    I can see how your answer may make sense to all but it is confusing my brain…

    Bottom line: Can i make my wp ms (installed on root directory) create under wp Super Admin make a wp_created_site (i know wordpress creates a database “virtual folder” from the blogs and replies) Now i have the wp_created_site and the “addon domain” (aka my second domain) subdirectory created by cpanel? Can I have domain mapping wp_created_site direct it to the addon domain subdirectory? If yes how?

    last bit, I know I can always install a single wp in the cpanel subdirectory created for the addon domain but I do not want to do that if possible.

    thanks again and sorry I could not appreciate your anwer!

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    It is confusing 🙂

    The reason you point the domain one folder up, instead of it’s own folder, is so that you can let WordPress handle the domain.

    Example: is the main domain. was the subdomain (created within WP) and is mapped to, and points directly to where is installed.

    It’s how it’s supposed to work. No virtual folders needed. Just map the domains to the location of the site where WP is installed.


    thank you for this. I too am facing a similar scenario. Is the example below the best practice, in your opinion?

    – Primary domain ( – web hosted WP multisite/sub-directories installed in home/public_html/

    – Addon domain ( also added to public html folder: eg home/public_html/dev/

    Thank you for clarifying that and for your support.

    Thanks for the reply strategizeme, I have read and received mixed answers on this subject. For the need that I have to use Multisite set up for, your method is not what I need. ….But it IS a great method for another kind of WP site use. What I need is this:

    Primary domain ( – web hosted WP multisite/sub-directories installed in home/public_html/

    – Addon domain eg…( (
    If This Is Possible To Do!!!I would like to learn how to do both!!!

    I’ll also, be adding the WP Domain Mapper Plug In, so that “Every Store” will have their “OWN” domain address, but still have to register at, and access their store through the MAIN Sites store directory, or with a “Direct Address” to their store like… I hope all of this makes sense….lol…This Is What I am Trying To Accomplish with a Multisite Install…to run an Etsy Type site. Any help or a video on “HOW TO” would be greatly appreciated. Blessings.


    hello and thank you for your question. I am not an expert by any stretch of imagination. However, this is what I have done to install WP multisite (sub-diretories enabled) to an addon domain.

    1. In cPanel, Added as an addon domain (primary domain: which has WP multisite (sub-directories enabled))
    2. Addon domain Document root: /public_html/myaddondomain
    3. Created new database using mySQL databases, in cpanel
    4. Added user to new database
    5. FTP wordpress to public_html/myaddondomain
    6. Renamed wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php; edited file’s database, user and password credential.
    7. added web host Ip address to host file (my machine). eg:
    8. Typed in the URL to start the wp installation as specified in this guide.
    9. followed instruction Create A WordPress Network

    Now, the guide (point 9) suggest you liase with your host to make the necessary changes to some files (eg: add a wildcard subdomain to your DNS records, see page 7 of the guide)
    Perhaps @ipstenu may wish to provide extra insight on this, given my suggested procedure for a WP multisite sub-diretories enabled to an addon domain.

    I hope this helps.


    I forgot to mention that I use the add-on domain as a stage environment to test WP multisite sub-directories enabled.

    I hope this clarifies.

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