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  • I recently asked a similar question, but thought I’d try again and be a bit clearer. It seems something like this should exist, though I can’t seem to find it. What I’d like to do is create a secondary blog post inside my main post area that works and is updatable separately from the primary blog. I’d like it so that only 1 post is visible at a time in the top blog so it’d work like a “Pic of the day” style blog where I could insert text and a photo. Then have the primary blog directly underneath it.

    This link:
    explains graphically what I’m looking for. Any help, ideas, or general ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Is there a way to assign properties to the post categories? This seems like it may solve my dilemma. What would possibly work is to create a category properties to do what I want. If I could create a category that when used, shows only the most recent in that category, and always posts on top. My problem would be solved. Is there any way to do that?

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