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  • I’m looking to increase the number of available text widgets from the standard 9 to – well, to any number really, but I’ve settled on 20. I have followed the usual hack found at various places online, such as this one and my drop down menu now says the right number – 20 – but I can’t make the correct number of text widgets pop up in the ‘available widgets’ section. I’ve fudged my way through until now, ‘piggy-backing’ additonal stuff at the end of neighboring widgets in my sidebar, but ultimately, I’d love to get this fixed.

    I’ve also installed the WYSIWYG Text Widget Plugin but that only works for some things and I find the regular text widget a little more customisable.

    I haven’t yet upgraded to the new version of WordPress – I’ve heard some horror stories so I’m playing ostrich on that one for the time being – but can someone tell me whether upgrading will somehow help matters. I can’t imagine why it would work with the upgrade if it doesn’t with 2.3.3, but wishful thinking.

    Any help appreciated…


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