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  • i am trying to add a secondary sidebar to my retina theme. i have found the code for the sidebars in lib/functions and added another entry in the array for my new sidebar. i have duplicated and altered the a file for my second sidebar that i am calling sidebar-contact.php

    i have read many support entries and documentation, but the configuration in my theme is different and i can’t get it to work.

    my array code

    /** Returns an array of the core framework's available sidebars for use in theme */
    function retina_sidebars() {
    	/* Set up an array of sidebars. */
    	$sidebars = array(
    		'retina-primary-sidebar' => array(
    			'name' => __( 'Retina Primary Sidebar', 'retina' ),
    			'id' => 'retina-primary-sidebar',
    			'description' => __( 'The main (primary) widget area, most often used as a sidebar.', 'retina' )
        $sidebars = array(
    		'retina-contact-sidebar' => array(
    			'name' => __( Retina Contact Sidebar, 'retina' ),
    			'id' => 'retina-contact-sidebar',
    			'description' => __( 'The contact widget area.', 'retina' )
    	/* Return the sidebars. */
    	return $sidebars;

    and the altered code on my sidebar-contact.php page

    ` if ( ! dynamic_sidebar( ‘retina-contact-sidebar’ ) ):
    $retina_theme_data = retina_theme_data();

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