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Additional shortcode parameters ? (Can this plugin help with my example ?) (1 post)

  1. photoMaldives
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Great plugin - quick & simple ! But hoping someone can help - I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious ! :)

    As an example, I want to sell a BLUE tshirt in S, M and L, and a RED tshirt in S, M and large.

    Prices for RED and BLUE are the same, and size prices are S=$5 / M=$6 / L=$7.

    Is it possible to do that with this plugin ? Are there extra parameters in the shortcode, for me to define "Payment Subject" ?

    When I test this, on the paypal payment page I see "100% Cotton tshirt" and then the price - so I know the size but not the colour (and I'm using the reference field for something else). The "Payment Option Description" does not seem to be carried forward to paypal.

    So rather than using 1 instance of the shortcode with all 6 options, I can use 2 options, 1 for each colour of tshirt, each with the 3 sizes. But then I do not know how to change the Payment Subject to both "Red T" and "Blue T".

    Hope that makes sense. :)


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