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    I am making a edit to my site to separate my comments from my blogs, but each blog will have their own individual comment page.

    Thus the links will go as:


    which should turn into: ? name=%post-title% & cp = 1

    Can someone point me to the right direction on how to do this?
    I tried editing my htacess file with the following:
    RewriteRule ^([^/]+)/([^/]+)/comments/([^/]+)?$ /index.php?name=$2&cp=$3 [L]

    but nothing seems to work :\

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  • There is no such permalink structure tag as you put there:

    Since the comments are tied to the post’s ID# I don’t see how can you “separate” them.
    (when you say “blog” you mean post, right?)

    Yes, I meant post.

    %comment-page% is my custom field.

    I am just trying to rewrite the url to look like:


    Where it look like this:

    Thus separating the Post’s Comment to:
    Comments -> Category/Post-Title/Comment/1.html
    Post -> Category/Post-Title.html

    I already have one part of it done though.

    Which is
    Post -> Category/Post-Title.html

    and the Ugly:

    Comment -> Category/Post-Title.html?cp=1

    So my GOAL is to turn the UGLY to become PRETTY.

    Before: Category/Post-Title.html?cp=1
    After: Category/Post-Title/Comment/1.html

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