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  • jordash56


    The way WooCommerce works is good for a limited amount of Product Variations, but if you have over 3 product options then the pricing get’s extremely complicated as you can literally have hundreds of product variations.

    It would be much easier to have it allow you to set a base Product Price and then have each variation allow you to set the additional cost.


    Base Price: $25
    – Small: add $0
    – Medium: add $15
    – Large: add $20
    – Blue: add $0
    – Green: add $10
    – Purple: add $25

    Is there any way to do it that way in WooCommerce? Instead of the default way. Would make things much easier. I don’t need to keep track of the stock of the items.

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  • sixemkay


    I am with you on this! It would be SOOO much easier to create variable products if WooCommerce could assign a price to each variable and then add them together for the product cost.

    I have found that if I don’t specify a quantity of items of a certain variable (despite disabling “manage stock” and selecting “in stock” from the drop down) it will not appear as an option on the product page.

    Have you created any Attributes with child Attributes? I attempted to, but things are not working as I expect (instead of a dropdown of variables I just see “select an option” but can’t click on it). The documentation on the Woo site is not detailed enough and their “Support” seriously sucks.

    Good Luck!

    This is possible with the Product Bundles plugin.
    You can make Size and Color separate variable products and the bundle will add their prices together.
    Kinda like this-

    Product Bundle:
    Product 1 – Base price: $25
    Product 2 – Size
    – Small: $0
    – Medium:$15
    – Large: $20
    Product 3 – Color
    – Blue: $0
    – Green: $10
    – Purple:$25

    Total Price: Products 1+2+3

    I had this same problem. Woocommerce sells these extensions:
    (requires a gravity forms license but is awesome)

    Hope this helps.

    Lucas Stark has a plug-in coming on May 2nd that will permit you to order varying quantities and attributes of products. See
    I am still not sure how to put that into a bundle, but it seems to be on the right path.

    This same flaw was raised 2 years ago here in point 1:

    Too bad it’s still overlooked in woocommerce 2.0. It’s crazy to have to set prices per combination. I have dozens of them!

    The new plugin does not sound like a solution yet, but thanks, I will check this one out when it is launched.

    Having similar issues with needing unique variables PER product and to be able to set a base price for a variable product.

    Each of my products have 3 totally different pricing variables, plus a base price (as in no 2 products have the same variables pricing). It’s odd that once you make a WooCommerce variable product there is NO base price field anymore.

    All I need is to have the BASE PRICE show as the default, and my variables to be listed, and the price reflected/updated with the variable chosen. For instance:

    Product A:

    Base Price: $10
    Variable 1: +2
    Variable 2: +5
    Variable 3: + 12

    Total with variable 2 chosen would be $15.

    For product B the variables are completely different. Is there a way to add a base price back in and have it replace the “From $” displayed?

    Ignore my previous post. Mike1394’s recommendation of using the extension resolved everything and does exactly what we need and quite elegantly I might add. I’d recommend the page for that extension show a few more screenshots or a video, as that would probably make it clearer on the options/functions and it would sell more.

    Especially nice to find a 30% off coupon on WooCommerce stuff today.

    That product addons addon is great if you have only one variable addon. I Have four for each product and would like to have them add their “surcharge” added to a base price. Seems Woocommerce doesn’t do math on the product page other than quantity. A variable needs to be the sole source of the item pricing and only one variable can have a price – others must all be just no-charge options. I find that if all my variables have prices the last variable sets the item price in the cart. The Gravity forms plugin and the addon that goes with it sounds like the solution if you want to pay the price. About 90.00 total.

    I have just hit this glaring omission from the woocommerce e-commerce plugin as well. I can’t believe the absence of a system that automatically calculates product variations and the their prices.

    I have set up a shop where each product has the 3 options, each with 10 sub-options. So that i have to manually calculate the the price variation for 300 combinations, for 20+ products.

    This should be done automatically, i am coming from PrestaShop which does this automatically.

    I’m using gravity forms + gravity forms product add-ons, which works OK, my only reservation is that it seems a bit s-l-o-w to update a price when an add-on option is selected or unselected for a product on the product page. You see a spinning “hourglass” icon appear for a few seconds while it is thinking about how much $3 + $2 is (!), and it kind of worries me that under load this might bog a system right down that is not on high-end dedicated hosting. Have to try it out and see, I guess.

    BTW, anyone know why woothemes decided to bring out their own product add-ons extension after they had already written the product add-ons plugin for the gravity forms? Is the new woothemes extension faster (if less powerful) than the gravity forms solution? (If so, I might be interested in checking it out.)

    I am using the wootheme product addons and its way less powerful than the one for Gravity forms. I think the woothemes version came out first, then the idea was supercharged and refined by Gravity forms.

    The woothemes product add-ons extension I was looking at was only released about a week ago:

    whereas the gravity forms extension was released in Dec 2011:

    Perhaps you are using of a different woothemes plugin or extension? When were you using it?

    Has anyone found a good solution to this? I really just need to be able to have an incremental price applied to a base price in relation to which attribute they choose.

    Yes I have the same problem Did anyone find a way around this. All of my products have a base price then additional for engraving and kind of engraving being done.

    Any help would be great.

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