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  • Hello Friends,

    I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking on this, but not sure how to go about this the right way. If you could assist me a little, I would really appreciate it as always do.

    I am working on this site: million streets

    The site is set up as, Front page displays • Your latest posts.
    I have a slider that pulls info from various feeds such as: WordPress Posts, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc.

    However since the WordPress site we are working on is set up as Front page displays • Your latest posts, when I create a new Post and insert the slider short code… Yes, the new Post gets listed in the area on the right of the site under the heading of: Most Recent Pages.
    What I need an answer to is to find a way to have the Slider Post in a separate container AND, fix that container to the area between the navigation bar and the Title called Feature Pages.

    My mind has turned to clay on this one, but I think it should be possible. I think I might be over-thinking it and as I have never created a site with two distinctive Post areas, containers, I am hoping perhaps someone else might have done this.

    If you have any suggestions or idea’s I would be very grateful to hear from you.
    Thank you very kindly in advance for your time, suggestions and expertise.

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