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    Hi – is it possible to add/remove products from an order in “Processing” state, and have Stripe send an adjustment invoice (or refund the difference)?

    Background: I had an order come in but when I checked one of the items it was the last one in stock and was a little damaged. So I offered to refund the customer for the damaged item but then they said they’d instead like to ADD two different items. To make things more difficult, I need to apply a 15% coupon code to both the cancelled item and the two additions :-/

    I tried searching in Google but I really need some documentation or an answer from a dev because it’s a live site and I want to try and avoid a mistake here.

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  • I just read the documentation here:

    So this covers the case of refunding money.

    Regarding adding additional line items and having Stripe charge for them, according to this:

    you can only add line items for an order that is currently On Hold. So I guess if that’s the case, I want to know 1) whether there is any issue in changing an order from Processing to On Hold, and then 2) whether adding line items will automatically fire some invoice or something to the customer.

    Appreciate any assistance you can provide (especially since the customer is waiting for me to get back to them). Also starting to wonder whether this is a Woocommerce question, ie not Stripe.

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    Hi there!

    Once an order has been paid, you can edit it, but it won’t charge the customer the additional amount.

    To charge the customer for more than they paid, you should create a new manual order:

    With the “Send Invoice” action, you will then send them an invoice with a link to pay.

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

    Hi D Smith – thanks for the reply. Actually I did some testing in our dev environment which ultimately led to us disabling guest accounts, so that going forward we can create orders and send invoices (or the link to their account so they can click Pay themselves).

    In this case the user was unfortunately a Guest and it wouldn’t be accepted by the customer if we created an account for them.

    Thanks for the link to the documentation too. I had read that page multiple times but good to know I was at least in the right section.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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