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  • I’m trying to get this up and going to run the cart system on a charity site here:

    2 issues I’m seeing;

    a: It takes a minute, and sometimes clicking in and out of lightbox, to get the ‘add to cart’ button to show-up

    b: When the gallery loads; you can add images to the cart and the first ones loaded in the gallery will usually be right, but if you add one in the middle or end of the gallery there’s a good chance that it’s been mixed up with another image and thus it adds the wrong image to the cart.

    How this is happening; If you load the gallery above, you’ll see that if you click on any of the first photos it’ll open the lightbox and the title will be correct with the photo you clicked on… But if you then click on one in the middle of toward the end and it opens in lightbox, it’ll say the filename/title of the photo directly before it, but it shows you the photo you clicked on… So if you add it to the cart, it adds the wrong photo because it’s based on the filename.

    I would love help with this as this 501(c)(3) is needing to get the art sales moving.
    Thank you so much!

    P.S. I tried to sign-up and post this on the author’s site, but it wouldn’t let me sign-in with the supplied password.

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  • Plugin Author Hax



    do you have a cache plugin? looks like that is your issue also you servers response is very slow.

    before continuing using the plugin test it in a subdomian same server with out any other plugin.

    On the Xpark media forum try reseting your password, we tried it and it works, we think is a cache issue on our part we fix it.

    Thanks so much for your reply!
    I was now able to reset the password and signin and post on your forum.

    Thanks also for the suggestion to disable the caching plugin; I disabled all other plugins, deleted the old photos and reuploaded the gallery and am still having the same issue.

    I do get what you’re saying about my server being slow and thus causing my issue with the add to cart button not showing up. Would LOVE to figure out the filename mixing issue.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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