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  • I’ve a small digital review site which gets a reasonable amount of visitors. What I’d like to know though is it possible to create a new folder/directory on the webiste and place a blog in that.

    My thinking at the moment would be to keep the two seperate, by that I mean I would have no direct links from the blog to the site, or the site to the blog.. Each of them would stand alone.

    Can you direct me to a tutorial.

    Many thanks for any help offered.


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  • Yes it is easy if you have fantasico on your web server then just add a wordpress it will be required to put it in a separate folder anyway. The folder is created automatically when you enter a name for it. Then go in and set up.

    If you are uploading the wordpress program yourself you will need to create a folder on your server. Via FTP upload the contents of the downloaded WP program to the folder on your server. You will need to be able to create your own sql on the server first. Then direct the protocalls to the sql. You can submit new site to the search engines.

    Other option is to add a secondary domain name to your site like and set wp program to open in the sub domain.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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