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  • I just installed wordpress to my website’s panel with it’s “quick in-stall” and I’m just very, very confused. Because so many blogs/domains use wordpress, I thought all you had to do was install it, enter the route directory and it automatically appears on your site. Or, I thought it was like how cutenews is, and you had to add an html code in the part of the template/layout you wanted it to appear and each post would show up. The template that I downloaded definitely looks like it was made to adjust to a blog.

    Is there a way to just install the posts to my layout. If not, what exactly do I need to do to get wordpress on this template????

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  • You’re going about it in reverse… You can’t “add WordPress to a template”; you need to adapt the template into a theme usable by WordPress (or install and enable a ready-made theme, of which there are literally thousands).

    Oh, okay after going through topics in the forum, I kinda figured that. Did you view the template (it’s linked with the sentence in the blue) Do you think that I could use that template for wordpress???

    I also tried uploading that template to my themes and it said missing stylesheet and html when both are clearly there.

    You can definitely use the template as a starting point for developing a theme. But to complete the development, you need to understand quite a few things about HTML, CSS, and PHP programming (both in general and as it pertains to WordPress).

    I know a lot about css and html (I’ve edited the layout on my site) but I just need to know what exactly I have to do so that I can add it to wordpress. Because it seems like you know a lot about themes and adding them to wordpress, could you tell me exactly what I need to do to get this in my wordpress???

    I know a lot about css and html

    Pride goeth before a fall. 😉


    I know a lot about css and html

    That’s not enough; you need to understand PHP programming as well. Read up on theme development.

    Pride goeth before a fall. 😉

    I was talking to NC@WP so that was unecessary….

    Anyway, I’ve read up on everything and what I don’t like about reading helpful articles, is that there is way too much information and it becomes too confusing!!! Would there be anyway for someone to make this template work in wordpress for a good fee?

    it isn’t hard to customize.. you can cheat and get a good head start on it..

    don’t worry about learning the php… You can use existing php in a working theme, and just modify the html and related css files.

    listen up, this is the way I go about it:

    I open a webpage via browser and view it’s source.
    I open a theme (the one to be modified) via html editor.

    I copy the applicable html and paste it into the theme, replacing the parts of the theme I want to alter.

    If it is before the blog content, it traditionally goes into the header.php

    If it IS the blog content it goes traditionally into index.php

    If there are sidebars it goes into — sidebar.php (often one left and one right, or sometimes the left one is included in the header.php- whatever…)

    The trick is finding what theme file controls the output to what part of the page, and modifying the theme to duplicate the static page you want to use.

    There are other tricks too.. I have made WP do some pretty cool stuff.. for one sharing a theme with Simple Machines Forum and Gallery2…

    Don’t let folks charge you for something you can do yourself just because they make it seem more difficult than it is.

    check out my page: here it looks like no other WP format out there, because it isn’t… I started with a static HTML page and started building WP to duplicate on output…

    have fun!!

    You edited it pretty nicely. The only thing is, which do I edit… the theme css sheet on wordpress or the one in my panel. Because my domain has quick installs and I installed wordpress from it.

    you will want to copy and paste applicable css declarations from your static page to your wp theme css.

    edit: name your elements on your static differently than those in your WP theme css, and point to both in your header…

    send me a link….. to what you have and what you want… we can play with it and head you in the right direction..

    drew at drews-web dot com

    That template could quite easily be used for a WordPress site. Check out Equal Design.

    mark- I haven’t seen a link to tee’s page yet, if you are referring to the one I posted, it already is a WP widgetized site… with integrated other free platforms either plugged in or customized to look that way..


    This is what I have and what I want is basically explanatory on the template LOL. It looks like the template was made for a blog. Is there any other way to contact you so we can go back and forth?

    before posting a link to your services, like you did above, read the Forum Rules, section F!

    I hope you are offering free help, otherwise it will be deleted…

    oh… i was thinking that link WAS a WP theme… huh… easily doable.. but there are WP themes ready to go that look much like it!

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