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  • I just got started on and I was wondering if someone could tell me where to start if I wanted to add my blog to a personal website. So basically I don’t want to just format my blog but I want to export all the info and set it up on another page with buttons and links and content to the rest of the site it’s enclosed in.

    I already have wordpress installed on my site’s host but didn’t know where to go from here. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. I’m very familiar with front-end development but I’m no programmer. An example of what I’m looking to do would be

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  • I just got started on

    Do you mean “”?

    I already have wordpress installed on my site’s host but didn’t know where to go from here.

    Do you mean that you want to move all the posts from the hosted one to your own, or do you want to continue posting at & have them mirrored on your own site (i.e. to have two blogs?)

    If you want to do the former, then you can merge the data from the two databases (it’s easiest if the newer one hasn’t got much in it).

    However, assuming that you have the newest version on your site you can just go to the dashboard on & find “export” (under manage) – and export it, then import it to your new site.

    If you’re wanting to have two blogs going on at the same time & just have to write one post, rather than two, I’ve not found a way to do that yet with WordPress. I’ve got two blogs – one with WordPress (well, it’s currently offline, but I *did* have two), and one with a system called Elgg. The latter made it very easy to embed RSS feeds & use them to create new posts, so I was able to write on the WordPress blog & have it appear on the Elgg one.
    I wasn’t able to find a plugin, though, to let me do the reverse – which surprised me, as I would have thought that someone would have created one. (I didn’t hunt that hard, as I’m fine with it the way that it is).

    Well I’m wanting to create a site like the link I posted above to Rikcat. I basically want to create a multi-page website, just like any other site out there, but have my blog on the homepage along with whatever other content I so choose. So I don’t know if this is best done by actually creating a custom wordpress template with links and additional pages or if it’s easier to import my wordpress data into another page.

    I have a .ORG account and I have wordpress installed on my server at but that’s all I’ve done so far.

    So basically my question boils down to this. What’s the easiest way to have my wordpress blog in my personal website, not just style a wordpress blog?

    So why can’t you just install it in the root & then have some additional folders for the other pages & create some links to them in the header.

    I’m still a little confused as to where the account comes in …. that doesn’t give you a blog does it? The only thing I can do here is to write in the forum, though I do have a blog on

    The wordpress.ORG account (if you can call it like that) is good for one single thing: to post questions here 🙂

    As for the initial Q: wanted to add my blog to a personal website
    You should elaborate on this. Where is the website?
    What does it mean (in your terms) “to add”? – If you have a site at you and you installed WP in a subfolder… just “added” it to your site.

    I’m very familiar with front-end development
    And what would that mean?

    Ok…not sure how I’m missing the boat on my explanation here but I will try and clarify.

    So from what I’ve seen so far, when you install wordpress on your hosting provider you will then have a blog on the domain you installed it in. So currently I can go to and there is my blog – I can login and write and it will post to that address. Now I posted this question to try and get some knowledge to get started so by no means am I claiming to have read all of the literature on the wordpress site. From what I’ve seen though, most of the docs address the issue of dressing up the basic blog format – post, archives, some sidebar widgets and such. What I am looking to create is a full website, content irrelevant, but say its 5 pages for the sake of argument.

    1. Home page with blog and maybe a featured project
    2. An about me section
    3. A portfolio section
    4. A picture gallery
    5. Contact page

    So my question is, how do I put my blog on my homepage with all the functionality of a regular old blog. Do I actually reformat the wordpress blog pages so they have navigation buttons that link to other pages styled in the same template or do I create a site and then import the wordpress data into it?

    Here are a few more links to show what I’m hoping to do.

    All of these links are blogs but also have multiple pages that are not part of the blogging experience.

    What I mean by front-end development is that I know how to work with html and css to create informational sites – design them, lay them out, link them up. But I’m not a back end programmer who can attach the code to enable ppl to create accounts, query information from a server, generate equations which displays certain content based on the users actions, IE php, rubyrails, .net and things like that.

    I want to integrate my blog and its content into another site, not just pretty up my blog.

    Just wanted to further address what I mean when I was talking .ORG vs .COM

    When I was referring to .com I meant that you went on and set up a free blog that you accessed through When I was referring to .org I meant that you downloaded the wordpress zip file and installed it on your own server and then ran and accessed your blog through your own personal website.

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