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  • I haven’t purchased Gravity Forms and added this plugin yet, but I was wondering if it would work for my specific need.

    I need to be able to have users create woocommerce products on the front end that are digital/downloadable. Will GF+CPT allow me to use an input field to set the meta value of the Woocommerce _file_paths for the downloadable product?

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  • Try it out and let me know, looking to do the same thing. 🙂

    I installed it, and can not find a way to set any of the downloadable / virtual / simple product types. Everything else works, such as pricing, description, featured images, things like that. But nothing for downloads.

    I hope the author can add this for us, that’d be fantastic.

    How do I set a price? I have everything else figured out with woocommerce including the thumbnail image which is awesome.

    But what about meta values?

    paulson, you have the WooCommerce Gravity Forms addon, too? Its required…

    yes of course I do. I just don’t understand how to enter values like the price and the weight and stuff. Could you walk me through it quick?

    OH WAIT. I misread that. I thought you said woocommerce AND gravity forms. haha. No I didnt install that one, although I do have it. will that make the fields show up? If so, where?

    I’ve got WooCommerce Gravity Forms addon however I cannot get the plugin to create a custom tyope, it only creates a standard post. It works in a preview mode, but I think the author didnt make it compatible with Woocommerce.

    Ok So I have Gravity Forms,
    Woo Commerce,
    WooCOmmerce Gravity Forms Plugin.

    How do I add meta fields like price, and weight? Please help!

    Any idea on this guys? I really need to find out how to make a price and dimensions portion.

    I have a gravity form, when filled out it creates a product and sets it to draft.

    Just need the price and weight and dimmensions fields to be able to be filled out. Thanks!

    For price you need to use a custom field and _regular_price for the custom field name. Also you need _price as well as a custom field.

    thanks so much for that. although I have a question. what is the difference between _price and _regular_price does this mean I have to make 2 price fields? Seems redundant.

    Also is there a place where I can find the names of the WooCommerce meta names? I would like to add weight and stuff as well.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    There are more than 1 price in woocommerce I believe. _regular_price is what it says & I believe there is a _sale_price as well. _price is the price that’s being used for the product (would be set to equal one or the other). I think that’s how it works if I remember correctly. In terms of finding the meta names they’re not readily available really – I found most of them using other plugins that modify the meta so I don’t have a good answer for that unfortunately.

    No, that’s not correct. _price is no longer used as of WC 2.1.





    PS — To find out the meta tags, just right click and “Inspect Element” in Chrome to see the meta key for any field while in wp-admin. Easy stuff!

    Hi guys,

    i’m new at this forum and i was wondering if anyone could help me.
    i have all the plugins i need (Gravity Forms,
    Woo Commerce, WooCommerce Gravity Forms Plugin, Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types)

    i have read the post from tweakben to use chrome for the meta, but it still won’t fill my shop. what is it that i’m doing wrong?

    Can i load my Gravity form so that anyone can have a look what it is i’m doing wrong?

    Thanks in advanced!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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