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  • I’m completely new to wp, and am currently using 2010. I like the eighties for the increased header space, but when I did the live preview, none of the widgets/sidebar showed up, and I didn’t see a place to insert them.

    Any suggestions? Again, completely new to this, so need to keep it as simple as possible. If there’s another theme that would give me a similar sized header, but w/the sidebar/widgets of 2010, that would be fantastic.


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  • Welcome to the world of WordPress 🙂

    I’m not quite sure about your question, I know the Twenty Ten theme.

    But what is “the eighties with increased header space”.

    If you are looking for where to put widgets in the sidebar, it’s in the control panel under appearance/widgets.

    There you can see the widget areas, expand the one you will use, and then drag and drop the widget to the widget area of your choice. There is instructions on the page, it’s easy.

    Hope that helps, else you have to be more specific, and maybe provide a link to the blog, sometimes it’s easier to explain if it’s shown.

    Now I know “the eighties with increased header space”.

    Is the Theme the eighties, sorry I didn’t pay attention.

    I’ll take a look to se if I can help you out.

    The eighties is kind of special with the way it handles sidebars.

    The sidebar only shows when the user/viewer clicks on the icon in the upper right corner of the browsers window.

    The way you add widget is as I wrote above.

    For the menu, the user must click the icon in the upper left side of the browser window.

    You have to configure the menu too. Go to appearance/menus and follow the instructions on the menu page.

    Have fun

    *shudder* Sounds more complicated than I had in mind, dang it. I’d like the sidebar to always be visible, so I guess this theme isn’t going to work for me.

    Basically, I’m happy w/the 2010 theme, but want a larger header area. The 2010 is so narrow that when I try to use another pic, like one of my other son making a face, the only area that shows is his nose and mouth.

    Here’s the current set up:
    Not A Stepford Life

    It’s not that complicated, the sidebar will always be visible on the page where you put it.

    It’s a straight forward procedure when the plugin first is installed, but it’s your call. 🙂

    The Twenty Ten theme i pretty restrictive about the size of the header picture. (Most themes are).

    It sounds like you should go for a child theme, but I imagine you will find it too complicated.

    And by the way, welcome to the world of WordPress!

    Sorry I answered another post about sidebars and menus.

    But for the Twenty Ten child theme option, it counts for you, any changes to a theme should always be done through a childtheme.

    The remark about being to complicated for you, wasn’t meant at you but at the other question.

    Confused, of course, I messed it up a bit sorry!!

    I don’t even know what a ‘childtheme’ id. I’m a refugee from blogger, so keep words small, instructions slow, and geared for someone who has the tech knowledge of a bowl of Jello, LOL

    Ok then it’s clear why you don’t have a clou.

    Tell me, is it a selfhosted WordPress blog, or is it a blog you made at

    If it’s a blog, you don’t have to know what a childtheme is. And then this forum is of little use to you. There is a huge difference between the .org and the .com WordPress.

    If you host the blog your self, then I suggest you read this in the codex:

    Happy coding 🙂

    it’s self hosted, .org

    At least i’m not that clueless, lol

    Sorry I had to ask, it’s the Blogger Refugee statement, made me think, perhaps it’s a .com blog 🙂

    Then you have 4 choiches as I see it.

    1. Avoid using custom pictures
    2. Make your pictures fit the header
    3. Find another theme that fits your needs
    4. Make a Childtheme

    If you know some html and css, then making a Childtheme, isn’t that hard. And could be both fun and instructive.

    I feel a warning it at its place here: Beware WordPress has proven to be highly addictive.

    Greetings from Denmark, have a happy day and happy blogging.

    No worries, i totally understand why you asked, LOL

    I’m actually trying to find another theme, b/c I know *nothing* about html and css. Jello, remember? LOL

    Plus, w/a house full of kids, etc, I know I don’t have the time and attention span I need to learn properly, without either completely destroying my site, or inadvertantly recreating War Games.

    If you have a suggestion for a theme similar to 2010, but with a larger header, I’d love to hear some suggestions! I’m fumbling my way around now, but if you’ve got a direction to point me in, I’d appreciate it!

    I know envy isn’t a pretty thing, but I envy you, your house full of kids.

    Enjoy while you can, before you know of it, they are grown up, living their own life.

    Finding a theme is sometimes the hard part of blogging, there is specific themes for specific purposes. And there is a lot of everything, both free and paid.

    Do you blog to show of pictures, or is it a journal. Is your aim to make money etc..

    I would like to help you out, finding a theme, if you can narrow it down.

    You maybe tink my next question is silly. But how is my English?

    The reason I ask is, English is not my language and I’m working hard on my English writing skills. And I’m sure your language is English.

    Your English is great! I’m Canadian, and yes, it is my first language.

    The current set up on my blog is how I intend to continue. Pics in each post, at least one (Pinterest availability, mostly)

    I prefer to stick to a free theme for now, simply b/c I’ve just switched to paying for the site and prefer not to spend more money at this time. Again, the 5 kids at home gig. I do hope to see an income from the blog, sooner or later. Sooner, while preferable, is not likely realistic, but that’s the goal.

    Thanks!! Confidence boost!! Whoooa 🙂

    Now I’m curios, can you give me a link to your blog.

    The Twenty Ten is a blogger theme, then it’s a blogger theme you look for.

    How important is the picture in the header?

    When the time comes, how do you intend to make money? Adsense? Affiliate? Dropshipping? Service?

    If you are going to make money, you have to focus on one thing, you can’t do them all.

    I’m no expert, but I do know something about making money online. And I know pretty much about WordPress.

    How is your backend, do you have a backup solution, this is very important!

    Do you know about SEO? You can’t get around this one, if you want to make money, but one step at the time.

    Are you aware of safety, WordPress is the hackers darling, because of the amount of WP-sites.

    It looks like a lot, but it’s all about plugin’s.

    Maybe it’s overwhelming, it aint, just do it step by step.

    The most important thing is backup. Every post you write, every custom change you make to a theme, all your hard work can be lost over night.

    I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been hacked to pieces, I didn’t make a move online for about two years because of those SOB’s. Don’t let that happen to you. Make backups!!!!!!!


    I did post a link to the blog earlier, but here you are again:

    Not A Stepford Life

    Back ups, yep.

    I’ve got Adsense and affiliates.

    SEO I’m in the process of learning about. I was offered the opportunity to hire someone, but at a starting rate of $99/month, I just couldn’t see it. Especially since I’d never learn for myself, and therefore, never get out from under paying someone. Blech.

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