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  • [Using WP 3.5 – custom theme from Artisteer]

    I have a static home page with three columns. The main content area is the center column. I also have a blog ( You can access the blog from sidebar links.

    The issue: on my homepage, I have a welcome paragraph that describes the features and navigation of the site. This paragraph also starts with a thumbnail image (150×150); the text wraps around the image. After this paragraph, I feature images and links to popular content.

    I would like to take this welcome paragraph area (top of main content in center column) and replace it with two widgets (that only appear on the static homepage). I’d like to have the first widget area display the thumbnail and the welcome paragraph. To the right of this (2nd widget), I’d like an abbreviated digest of the current blog post. If there’s an image, I’d like it to automatically reduce to the same size as the welcome paragraph image (150 x 150).

    So, to recap, I’d like to add two widgets (almost like 2 columns) to the beginning of the center column content on my homepage only.
    Is this possible without hiring a coder? I make minor code edits from time to time, but I’m not a coder.

    Is there a safe, reliable plugin that will accomplish this?
    I realize this is probably tricky. I’d appreciate any input.

    Thanks in advance.

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