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  • When I drag and drop widgets in the admin view the widgets remove my default navigation bar on the right side of the default them. I can remove the widgets and the right side bar the reappears as it should. How can I add widgets without losing what’s already there. I tried searching in the forums but nothing showed up that directly mentioned or in some related way mentioned the issue I was having. If this has already been answered please forward me to that post. Thanks.

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  • In your Available Widgets box there should be one that says Search. If not use a Text Widget and insert your search HTML

    Ever get this resolved? I’m looking for a way to ADD widgets onto the default sidebar, because there some things on the sidebar that I want on permanently and un-editable (because there are other admins).

    I have this problem as well. When I ad a widget all other sidebar content gets removed. Any solution to this?



    i could also really use an answer to this..



    I am having the same problem. Can we go around it by have a 3 columns and widgets on one column and the original sidebar on the other side.



    same problem here too…



    i dont understand the problem. just add whatever is in your sidebar by default as widgets. the default sidebar content is almost always available as widgets that already exist in your widget section.




    the “problem” is that these folks dont understand that a widgetized sidebar removes “the other stuff”. boober is correct, you add whats been removed via a widget. If you are adding custom stuff to your sidebar.php than you need to follow what moshu says here:





    Hi Guys, I had the same problem. I had my coded stuff and plugins on my sidebars and when I wanted to add just one widget, everything disappeared and only widget remained.
    Here is how I solved it:
    I created dynamic sidebar as described here

    and then added it to my existing sidebar at the place that I wanted my widget.
    If you have further questions I will be glad to answer.

    Or you can directly contact me because I am the owner of Balkhis who wrote the post about dynamic sidebar linked above. Feel free to use the contact form on my site, or comment with the question, and I will do my best to answer it.

    put the objects you want to remain in the sidebar above the call for dynamic sidebar. Not that hard.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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