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    I’m trying to launch a store this week but ran into a BIG issue with the woocommerce plugin.

    After inserting variations, the “Add to Cart” button disappears (, but the button shows up without a problem when there are no variations ( Disabling the stylesheet, the button still does not appear. The button does, however, exist in the source code, but “display:none;” is hard-coded (inline) and that attribute doesn’t seem to toggle once a variation is selected. What could cause this?

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  • It seems that the plugin isn’t accepting my variation selections. When I unblock the Add to Cart button, select my variations, and then try to place an item in my cart, it says “Please choose product options…”

    Before anyone asks, I followed the instructions ( and still no bueno :/

    Same thing here. Any answers out there?

    If you convert a simple product (with a price) to a variable product, the prices for each variation are not defined, and the ‘add to cart’ button will not appear. Did you re-define all the prices for each variation?

    Thanks citynode. If the add to cart button will not appear, how does one add it to the shopping cart? When you say redefine the prices, there was no where to put prices. I guess I could add it next to the name of each scent i.e. lavendar $6|lemongrass $6|

    But again, how does one then add it to their cart?

    no, don’t try to add the price in the product name text area, it sounds like you just haven’t found the place to enter price for variations yet.

    I’ll try to take a screen grab to explain where to do that once I’m at a computer .. I’m just on my iPhone at the moment.

    Ok, it sounds like your problem is that your variable product doesn’t have a price assigned for each variation. There is no one field that controls it, you’ll have to drill down to each variation and update them all.

    To add a price to each variation, from the WordPress dashboard select Products, and from the list select the product you want to modify.

    From the Product Data dialog, select the Variations tab.

    Then, in order to see the Price you have to click on “Expand All” and THEN you will be able to see the Price and Sale Price fields. You’ll have to enter a price, and a sale price if you wish, for each variation.

    Remember to save your product data, click Update in the upper right corner of the page before you close the page or move to another page.

    Thanks for you input everyone. I’ve already entered a price for each item’s variation. Even with this information, the “Add to Cart” button is not displaying. Here’s the information I have inputted:

    Is there something I did wrong here?

    citynode – thank you so much for your help! The screen shots you showed me where a little different than what I saw on my screen. But, I now have a price and drop down to show selections. However, I don’t have an add to cart button? Any suggestions? They are all the same price regardless of the scent.

    if you have time and can look at the website I would appreciate it.

    P. S. How do you know all this?

    I’ll take a look! Your screenshot looks right, you have a price set for the variations.

    What theme are you using? I wonder … if you used Wootique theme (or another of the free Woothemes Woocommerce themes) if this problem would still be there.

    How do I know this stuff? I’m just figuring it out now … I’ve only been experimenting with woocommerce for a little while, but I intend to know it well for a project I’m working on, and in general because it seems to be the first ecommerce plugin for WordPress that I’ve found works well without extensive coding customization.

    invot, what is the permalink to your product, there, so we can take a look at how it is presented?

    I don’t know any tech lingo–sorry. What is invot and permalink? Where would I find it.
    Also, I only picked this theme because I don’t know what I am doing and I picked what was quick and what I thought easy. I’ll take anything that’s free and works easy.
    My theme is weaver II if that makes a difference. I got it from Word press when I was trying to figure everything out before I got Woo Commerce.

    invot is another user here, his post is right above yours 😀

    a permalink for a product would be found right at the top of a product’s definition page, …. from the dashboard select Products -> (select the product in question) and look towards the top of the screen … you can see it here:

    To control how your wordpress site handles permalinks, go to the dashboard then Settings -> Permalinks

    Yeah, I would have to suggest for the time being you use a Woocommerce-ready theme … perhaps one from WooThemes, there are a few of them that are free, including Wootique. I don’t think they are available from the auto-install library, but you can find them on Woothemes’ site. I think their site is getting hammered with traffic today because they just reintroduced the USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping extensions, plus there’s a 50% off sale on extensions today.

    Woostore and some other themes run around $70 each, but the free ones will take you pretty far and are fully Woocommerce enabled.

    I just tried to download the free wootique. Downloaded fine. When I went to install it it said it failed because there was no style.css sheet? I have no idea what that means. So my worry is that IF i bought one I would have similar downloading problems and no one to call to get an answer (right now we have to play 20 million questions).


    Now, you should generally upload the .zip file to your wordpress installation. (I think it is best, especially if you aren’t familiar with things like style.css, to use the uploader from within the WordPress dashboard (anything that is, from te dashboard, then Appearances, then Themes, then the Install Themes tab at the top of the screen.))

    But, just to figure out where the problem is …. I’d like you to use something to open the .zip file ( itself, and then inspect the contents. You’re looking for a file called, surprise surprise, style.css, it should be loose in the directory or folder created from the un-zipped

    If that file isn’t there, then you didn’t get a good copy of wootique after all. If it is there, then the error message you are getting is wrong and you should figure out why … maybe there isn’t enough memory allocated to WordPress on your server, or some other reason. But, you can eliminate one whole half of the issues by verifying whether the style.css file truly is or is not there in

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