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    1- I want to add users in a task, but the plugin can’t detect any users except me. How I can add user to a task or define my employees in task manager with specific roles. I didn’t find the team groups or staff section in the plugin.
    2- another issue is: when I go to the task lists and open kanban view, The system doesn’t show the tasks I created before, and force me to create new tasks on this section in order to show them. This can’t be true and useful.
    3- The last question is, I add a comment to a solved topic, and request for the persian calendar that you replied to another user. What should I do for reach that?

    Thanks for support

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  • Plugin Support Md. Yeasin


    Hi @dariush11,

    Thanks for writing to us.

    1. It seems like there is a technical issue/third party plugin conflict on your site and for that plugin can’t detect any users. We have to check your site to reproduce the issue and fix it. Please contact us directly through our website that we can help you soon.

    2. The default boards will not contain any of your existing tasks. Either you will have to select tasks from the existing tasks using the “+” button or you will have to create new tasks using the “Add New Task” option to bring them on the boards. After that, you will be able to drag and drop the tasks among the boards.

    3. If you comment on a topic and notify users then they will receive a mail that they can navigate to the topic/comment and reply. The WP Project Manager plugin does not support the Persian calendar. If you want to integrate then you can do that by following the Rest API method here https://wedevsofficial.github.io/wp-project-manager and https://wedevsofficial.github.io/wp-project-manager/pro/.

    Best regards.

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