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    Hi there,

    I am customizing a photocrati theme for an arts organization. I am the administrator and recently added two “editors” which I have done before on other blogs with no issues. However, this time when I did so I noticed that as I started adding pages and posts the blog was saying that one of the editors was adding them. i looked at the top far right and it says “Howdy, admin” which is my nickname on the blog. When I looked down in the dropdown menu of “authors” (where you can change if you want to) my admin name was not there. Only the two editors were listed. Even in “quickedit” the dropdown for changing “authors” lists only the two new editors that I, as admin, added to the blog as users.

    Weird! Does anyone know why this is happenings?

    Also, as I am adding and assigning number order to pages etc it keeps logging me out. I keep logging back in and no changes occur even though I always hit save.

    Any clues?

    I have used this theme from Photocrati before with great success so it can’t be the theme…also I have not upgraded to the latest WP. I keep trying to do the auto upgrade but I keep getting an error saying my FTP password is incorrect. I assure it is not…weird.

    Please help!
    Thank you in advance.

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  • Anyone?!!! Anyone please…help. It’s still omitting me from user list even though I log in using my own user and pass as admin.

    I wasn’t around the forum three months back when you posted this, so hence the late response, but:

    I have heard of a similar (but not completely the same) problem happening in someone else’s older WP install and they somehow fixed the problem by adding another dummy Administrative account to their Author list.

    Can you try the same (if you’re still experiencing the problem) and see what happens I’ll see if I can pull up any other possibilities. I’m going to add new users two of my installs as well and see what happens as I have 2.8X and 2.9.2 installed.

    If this is a bug that is still current in the latest install, I’ll report it to the dev team.

    EDIT: I have added new users to my own blog (version 2.8) running a custom theme that does not in any way touch any functionality in the Admin panel and I am able to see and select either myself or my other alter ego account as the posting author.

    The problem with logging in and then being logged back out sounds like it could also be related to a cookies issue or some issue involving user-identification authentication.

    Maybe THAT might be why you can’t select yourself?

    It seems like a really basic thing to do, but try clearing out your cookies and caching for that particular site?

    Can the other people on the other accounts see your account and can they select it as the author for a post?

    I am having the same problem. I just imported my older blog over to my install on my own site. The older blog had five other users beside myself. It gave me the choice to add them as new users or to map them to an existing user. I added the others as new users but on my user from the blog I mapped it over to my admin user for the new site.

    Now I cannot select myself from the post author drop down. I posted and it said someone else had posted it. I am listed in the users as an administrator, but my user doesn’t show in the author drop down.

    I tried clearing caches and cookies but that didn’t help.

    Anything I can try? This is really frustrating. On another install that didn’t come from, I only have one other user and there’s a post of his that even if I choose him as the author if I want to edit it for him, it won’t show him as the author, just myself.

    instructions at the link below helped with my not appearing as a post author to select.

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