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    Ok, so if i dont want to have a particular widget on a specific page i can use “is_page(‘about’)” however, what if i want it to show on the “about, contact, support” pages I tried several options like
    is_page(‘about’)(‘faq’) & (‘about,faq’)

    I don’t use catagories because i have very few posts on my company website.

    So what is the simple solution to pick and choose what pages a widget goes on

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    if is_page is working for you ok, then you should be able to use the options listed hereā€¦

    is_page( array( 42, ‘about-me’, ‘About Me And Joe’ ) )
    Returns true when the Pages displayed is either post ID = 42, or post_name is “about-me”, or post_title is “About Me And Joe”.
    is_page( array( 42, 54, 6 ) )
    Returns true when the Pages displayed is either post ID = 42, or post ID = 54, or post ID = 6.

    Hi lanft, thanks for the reply, i believe i managed to get the 2nd option under control and working.

    The next issue i have is that we have lots of pages and sections on our site, and in the sidebar we want different videos for each section,

    ex. home automation has several pages as of today and we want to display different videos based on particular items

    ex. home security has several pages as of today and again we want different videos here than on automation.

    If I’m understanding this correctly i will have to have based on the example above, 2 widgets for videos in the sidebar, one widget will contain the videos for home automation and the other widget will display videos for home security

    And if we were to want different videos for each section we will have to decide on what videos go in what pages and then have to have that many widgets on the side. My sidebar has 2 widget areas for the right side of the page so in each area i could end up having 10 different widgets all containing different videos? Phew! I hope that made sense, it seems quite intense of a thing to do. Now that i look around most sites pretty much display the same thing throughout on the sidebars. Is that our only option?

    Thanks again

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    you can do that, have a widget per section with set content and use WLogic to switch them on/off as needed. But when you are getting to large number like that, you should be looking for (or commissioning someone (not me!) to write you a) a widget/plugin that does that.

    if it’s per page, then you could do that with post metadata and a bit of fairly simple PHP in a PHP widget that extracts that metadata and shows the right content. (I guess you could do the same thing with categories too)

    I think i’ll just keep it per section for now, this way i only need to have 3 or so. Thanks for the help!

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