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  • I just downloaded and installed Add From Server and am experiencing the same issue as this one:

    I double checked the directory and file permissions, but this did not fix the issue for me.

    In addition to adding to the library, it adds two thumbnails (I have additional thumbnails created from other programs). However, the preview image does not appear. When I try to regenerate thumbnails using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, I get an error (ERROR: Unable to load the metadata for this attachment.)

    I am using WordPress 5.0.3.

    Any other info I can give you to troubleshoot this?

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  • I wanted to give a little more information on what I’m seeing.

    When I click “Add to Server”, the browse functionality works fine. I select the file I want to add and click “Import”.

    2 (of 15) thumbnails (as I’ve mentioned) are generated, but the page stays blank. No completion messages appear (“Upload succeeded”), and I have to exit manually by clicking to another page. I’ve tried waiting >15 minutes to see if anything happens, but it doesn’t.

    No errors appear in the Console during this time.

    I also notice that wp_postmeta does not have _wp_attachment_metadata or _edit_lock associated with the file.

    Hopefully these details will help identify the issue.

    same issue for me

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