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    Hi there,

    I can see there is some discussion on this forum about a new version coming out but it’s not entirely clear whether my issue will be fixed as a result of this new release.

    This plugin was working until all updates were applied (WooCommerce and WordPress). Now when the ‘Choose your free gift’ appears and I press ‘Add to cart’ the page refreshes and no free gift is added to the cart.

    I’ve uninstalled and installed the plugin again, I’ve refreshed permalinks, saved the gift category again. I’ve disabled all plugins except this one and WooCommerce and the issue persists.

    Please let me know whether this is included in the next release and when you think that might be available so I can pass this onto our client.

    Thanks in advanced!


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    We are working on fixing issues with variables (and small things like notices – as WooCommerce changed things from 3.x ), are you using Normal Gifts ? or you are using an Existing product as gift ?

    You can send us Email with your log. files, we will take a look

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    Plugin Author DecomTeam


    Sorry for delays, here is a BETA version of a plugin with all fixes (quantity, variable and notices), working with WooCommerce 3.1 and up…

    We would like to take a small BETA testing and then make it official, if you can take a few minutes to test – we would be really grateful.

    Giftable BETA

    Hi. Thank you for this free plugin. I have the same problem with the products adding. They won’t add to the cart. I can press the add to cart button, he starts loading, but nothing happens.

    Plugin Author DecomTeam


    1. Minimum PHP version is 5.6
    2. Test a plugin with default theme and no plugins
    3. Check that you have latest plugin version 1.0 and WooCommerce 3.1
    4. See debug.log for your Woo shop (also if u can mail them to us)

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    Hi thanks. We solved the problem. The problem was in a cart link in our woocommerce theme. I found one bug in your plugin. I am using WPLM, and when i add a free product in the dutch part of the site, i can switch to the english part and add a free product again. So the plugin does not check if you allready have a free product when you switch the language. Thanks again

    Hello DecomTeam,

    I wanted to let you know that I downloaded your beta version and it is still having the same issue as described by others here. The parameters set for the install on the following site is that a cart total of $85 allows you to select a free gift, however, clicking Add To Cart produces no result:

    Plugin Author DecomTeam


    You should install latest version of a plugin. @dominopark
    – Also we tested and cant produce your issue with new version of a plugin, please have this in mind:
    1. PHP 5.6 (minmum required)
    2. WooCommerce 3.1 (minimum required)
    *other than that, you should test a plugin on Clean install – to be sure its not your theme or some plugin conflict.

    Kind regards

    Hi DecomTeam and other plugin users,

    I’ve had the same problem when using the plugin (everything seemed wonderful, but the gift wasn’t being added to the cart after the button was clicked).
    Did some testings with the beta version but the problem persisted.
    After some debugging, I’ve found that the
    post variable $_POST[‘dgfw_chosen_gift’] wasn’t being received
    in the function process_request().
    Seemed like the page was being refreshed but the form was not being sent.
    So, on the public.js file inside the plugin folder (public/assets/js)
    i’ve replaced the submitCartForm function with the following:

    function submitCartForm() {

    $cartForm = $(“.dgfw-available-gifts”).closest(‘form’);


    Now the gift is being added to the cart (not in ajax mode, but it’s working anyway).
    Hope this can help the developpers to fix the problem.

    And by the way, DecomTeam, thanks a lot for taking the time to make this really great plugin for all of us, and for free. It’s the best so far I’ve found.

    My top sugestion, for the plugin to be absolutely complete: is to have a notice in the cart page telling how much more should the user spend (or how many more products should he/she add to the cart) in order to make the gift available. It would be a huge marketing incentive (“spend another $25 to have the following gift(s) available:”)

    Plugin Author DecomTeam


    Thank you @jlugros, I think better way would be to find out why ajax was stopped (like was there some errors in console etc. with fixing that – plugin should work again as normal.. ) – there are 10.000 plugins – we didn’t test all of them – so its possible that there are some conflict or similar things.

    – also beta version (isnt a latest version we uploaded, could try to delete plugin and install latest one)

    Thank you for your idea – about notices (that could be real one day).

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