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  • Hey. I haven’t been able to find any topics about this – I’m trying to add a title for my tag pages eg. <title>Pages tagged with Beans</title>

    the php to call the keyword is
    <code><?php the_search_keytag(); ?></code>

    if I add it to to header.php it adds the keyword no problem, but how can I also add “Pages tagged with”

    .. I also just added titles to my search page:

    <code>if(is_search()) { echo 'Search results for '; echo wp_specialchars($s);echo ' // '; } else { echo'';} ;</code>

    I could just use this but I can’t imagine what is_search() would be for the tag pages.

    does anyone have any ideas?


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  • I you use Jeromes Keyword Plugin then look here

    hey Evita. This is actually what I’m trying to get a header title for; I went through most of the comments and posts related to jerome’s keywords (and anyhing related to “title” there and here last night…

    I can get the tag name into the header, but I’m not sure how to also add “Pages tagged with”

    I mean, can I do this:

    if(is_the_search_keytag() { echo 'Pages tagged with '; echo get_the_search_keytag();echo ' // '; } else { echo'';} ;

    I’d just try it, but I doubt it’s right and I don’t really want to break my site anymore with my uneducated guesses.


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