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  1. blakekr
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I have to be really careful how I word this post because of all the meanings of "thumbnails" in WordPress. Sorry if I don't make it clear (though I'll try).

    By thumbnails, I mean a simple image I create MYSELF (not necessarily linked to any image in the article) to give the viewer a little preview of the post. So I want my category/archive pages to look like:

    - thumbnail - title - excerpt
    - thumbnail - title - excerpt etc ..

    So this is a purely visual thing.

    This is *not* a photoblog and I am not looking for autogenerated thumbnails. I just want the option to display my own custom-created thumbnails to the left of a post excerpt so the category pages are a little more visual. Ideally there would be some code or provision for where I haven't created the thumbnails yet.

    Does that make sense? And if so, any suggestions?


  2. blakekr
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Aha, the correct terminology is 'icons.' Once I figured that out I found the right plugin.

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