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  • I was wondering how I add a thumbnail for a post. I’m using the Leopress theme.
    I would like it to have a default image (that shows if there’s no thumbnail added) as well as the feature to manually upload a thumbnail (that doesn’t show up on the post page [the single.php page]).
    I Googled the topic and found a plugin called ‘Post Thumb Revisited’, but it had confusingly many options, and I never got it working.
    So, can it be done with any theme, and how is it done? (it would be nice if the thumb would also show up on the WPtouch plugin, but that’s not a requirement)

    Thanks in advance!

    Leopress (official site)
    Post Thumb Revisited (wordpress site)
    >WPtouch (wordpress site)

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  • Hey I am having the same problem, I was wondering if anyone had figured it out yet?

    I know I haven’t 🙂

    I’ve used the Post Thumb Revisited on – I’m still on WP 2.5.1 because I fear problems if upgrading to WP 2.6, because PTR seems not to be developed (maybe incompatible).
    There are several ways to use the plugin. I’ve used it to pull a thumbnail of the top image in each post, but thats not what you’re looking for maybe.
    Any other plugin that does the same – and is 2.6 compatible?

    Loi-B and prufrock1,

    Are you guys familiar with theme coding? You can easily use custom fields for handling post thumbnails. Lotsa instruction to do that in Google.

    We do out best to support many plugins, especially those which are popular and mainstays in the WordPress community.

    With WPtouch 1.9 (forthcoming) we’ll be adding themes support, which will allow for all kinds of interesting things to happen in terms of what is supported.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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