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  • How do I add a one sentence tagline to the image on my header? I am using the Saul theme. Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Priyanka Behera


    Hi @julietsully ,

    In Saul theme, if you have added the custom logo then you can’t able to see the title and tagline.

    Here according to your requirement, you have to modify in code and CSS. To change in code follow the below steps:

    1) To change in the files you can connect with FTP, Cpanel or by
    Administration > Appearance > Editor menu.

    2) In Saul theme, there will be a functions.php file. Open the file.

    3) Search for saul_logo_function().

    4) There you will find only echo the_custom_logo(); code. Now we have to change it to below code:

    echo the_custom_logo();
    echo '<span class="sitedescription">'. esc_attr(get_bloginfo('description')) . '</span>';

    5) Save the file and check in the front side.

    Now you have to apply the CSS code as per your design.


    Jamie Kimp


    Are you able to put up a screenshot / snippet so we can have a look to see what you mean.

    Thank you @priyankabehera155 I appreciate your time, however this is beyond my beginner’s scope… is there an easier (more user-friendly) way for me to learn how to do this?

    Priyanka Behera


    Hi @julietsully ,

    Yes, there is a way you can do it through the admin panel.

    1) Login with admin credentials:

    2) Then go to this link:

    3) Search the_custom_logo text.

    4) Replace this code:

    echo the_custom_logo();


    echo the_custom_logo();
    echo '<span class="sitedescription">'. esc_attr(get_bloginfo('description')) . '</span>';

    Let me know if this is helpful for you or not.


    <a href=”;

    >Hi. You can just follow the steps provided by the wordpress.

    Hi @julietsully,

    I see you have a tagline over your header image. Is this where you wanted it? If not, where did you want to see the tagline so I have a better understanding of how I might help. πŸ™‚


    Hello again @julietsully,

    I think I can help. I see you have included a logo to your page. With this theme, once a logo is added, the ability to show a “Title” and “Tagline” disappears even if the box is checked to display these.

    If you go to “Pages” then your “Home” page, do you see a “Page settings” section at the very bottom? I have the latest updates so make sure you do too if you do not see this.

    If you click on “Header” it will give you the option to put in a title and tagline. Just to make sure it worked, I plugged in a tagline into my Saul theme even though I had a logo image as well. And it worked.

    Let me know if you do not see this option at the bottom of your Home Page where you edit. Then I’ll see what else we can do. πŸ™‚


    Hi @kristenhickman2 Thank you so much for your help… I did that and the tagline is coming up above my page… it’s: “Ramblings of an ex ex-pat.. the truth is out there.. probably”. Ideally, I wanted to place it above or below my logo over the header image. Is this possible? Thank you!


    It is possible! πŸ™‚

    Try adding this code. (I promise it’s easy)

    Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS field:

    #logo:after {
    content: “Ramblings of an ex ex-pat… the truth is out there… probably”;

    Try this! I hope this works for you! Keep me posted! πŸ™‚


    yes it did, @kristenhickman2 – thank you so much!!


    Wonderful! I’m so glad I could help! πŸ˜‰

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