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  • Hello!

    I am using Twenty Seventeen in its standard configuration (static front page single column layout).

    One simple thing that I cannot figure out because of the unique way this theme is put together: Overlaying text on the featured images.

    Meaning, in the static front page layout, 4 featured images are displayed, pulled from the 4 pages you can feature on the front page. I’d love to be able to add text to these images, adding content to an area that is otherwise just a static image.

    What is the easiest way to accomplish this with this particular theme?

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  • I’d love to do that too! Maybe not only text, but also a call-to-action button or something similar.

    Sorry not to add a solution but I’m looking to be able to do this too.
    On the default top image there is the site title & logo on the left. There must be a way to add a div to this area too.

    Also, as the first panel scrolls up, there is a graduation that seems to be attached to the top of the panel. I think if i could discover where this is, I could add something.
    I’ll keep looking but any help gratefully received.

    Here’s my clunky dev site. I’m just trying to get everything where I want it. The content isn’t much to do with the final site.
    What I’m actually trying to do is replicate the text ‘slab’ on the panel below over the featured image above. I intend to move the one on the panel to the left and have the featured image one on right, so they are offset as they scroll.

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    How funny. Literally after I posted that I had a brainwave.
    Check out my site again >>

    I’ve added a ‘where is this’ box above the first panel, over the featured image. This isn’t ideal as this text is directly within the PHP file, but it’s a start.

    The file is in:
    twentyseventeen-child / template-parts / header / site-branding.php

    Any progress Morphim? Looks like you were trying to do exactly what I’d like to do. Instead of the content being in spaces between the featured images, I’d like text and widgets to appear on top of the featured images in the sections. And I know it’s possible because I had a theme & child theme installed that does it, but they had a bunch of other things I didn’t want so I couldn’t use it. You’ve actually gone a step further in creating the semi-transparent boxes. Hope you’re able to share a way to do it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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