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  • I just downloaded Ultimate Tag Warrior…and am wondering…is there any way with this (or another plug-in) to mass-add tags to batches of posts?

    I have a ton of posts which I’d like to update, but haven’t been able to find anything easy (like, from the Manage Posts panel, for example) which would allow me to quickly add tags to existing posts.

    Any ideas or direction would be appreciated. Or, if I”m out of luck and it would be better for me to just move forward with adding tags from this point on…that would be good to know, too.


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  • There isn’t.

    Well, boo. Thanks for your help.

    I have the “today_ago” plugin and when I remember I just open that day’s posts in history and add tags.

    I’d be appreciate if there is some plugin could turn a list of words into tags automatically.
    The WP 2.3 is coming.

    I found that if you upgrade to 2.3 alpha or above, the batch catergories plugin will support tags.
    Try that!

    Um, I’ll happily manually update my older posts over time – IF – it doesn’t spam the RSS feeds from my blog. Does updating a tag by editing a post send a message to standard RSS feeds?

    Does editing a post to add a tag send an update message to standard RSS feeds? i.e. would you recommend that I NOT gradually update old posts to have tags because I’ll spam peopel that read through RSS feeds?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Does editing a post to add a tag send an update message to standard RSS feeds?

    Nobody can really answer this, because the question doesn’t make much sense. You don’t send “update” messages to feeds. That’s not how feeds work.

    Any older posts in the feeds will be updated to reflect the new data, but timestamps and other things won’t change. Whether your feed readers show it or not depends on how those readers work.

    Also, for older posts, they generally don’t show up in your default feeds anyway, so the feed won’t change if the post you change isn’t in it.

    Also, you can use Simple Tags for tagging your olds posts !

    Powerfull plugin !!!

    Apologies for asking a question that no-one can answer, that’s just a side-effect of my being stupid.

    Though noone has made a recommendation, I think the answer implies that I can add tags to old posts without fear of giving people who use RSS feeds to my blog a bad expereince.

    The suggested plug-in looks wonderful, thankyou for spontaneous helpful advise!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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