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  • I guess this is kind of broken, or doesn’t work as intended. There’s a js completion for tags, if the substring matches something that you already used. Which is cool. Kind of.

    But when you skip to one of the suggestions using the cursor keys and hit return, it’s just going to save your article and leave you with the partial tag.

    This is certainly not intended, right? I mean, the whole point of suggestions is probably saving time. Using both hands for typing (like probably most people writing stuff on a regular basis), it’s kind of annoying to have to use the mouse to click on one of the suggestions instead of just sticking with the keyboard at all times.

    I consider this feedback and not a bug-report, because I don’t know if this behavior is actually intended or not. If there’s another way to accept the keyword shown in the suggestions without using the mouse, please tell me.



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  • It is not happening with me in Firefox. Which browser you are using?

    Thanks for the response.

    Using Firefox 12. Ubuntu 64, LXDE. None of the keybindings should intervene with that, since I didn’t assign anything to the return key 🙂

    Anyways… it’s annoying 🙂 Can anybody reproduce this behavior?

    Yeah, all the time in Chrome if I don’t press the down arrow to select :/

    very funny 🙂 In case I just forgot to press the down-arrow I might as well work around that behavior and remember to do that.

    But even if I use the arrows to select the best match and hit enter, it’s just going to pick nothing, use my “incomplete” tag and save the article. Not fun 🙂

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