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  • Resolved Raam Dev


    I’ve added Post Format support to the Postie plugin, which allows you to specify the Post Format in the subject using a special delimiter. (It works the same way as the Custom Post Type support I added a few months ago, which has been officially rolled into the plugin.)

    First, you’ll need to modify postie-functions.php and add a few additional lines as described in this gist:

    Then, when you compose an email, you can add the Post Format to the beginning of the subject, followed by two colons, followed by the Post Title. For example, if I wanted to post an Aside, I could send an email with the following subject:

    Aside :: My Aside Post

    Things I haven’t tested:

    • Combining Custom Post Type with Post Format (e.g., “Movies // Aside :: My Aside Movie Post Title”)
    • Posting without specifying the Post Format. This should work by just leaving it out of the subject (e.g., “My Standard Post Title”), but I haven’t tested it.

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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    FYI I’ve already implemented Post Format support for the next release, but using the Post Type syntax.

    @wayne Allen: Cool! If it uses the Post Type syntax, how does one differentiate between Post Types and Post Formats? I guess I can just wait and see on the next release. 🙂

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    It doesn’t. Rather it checks for valid Post Type first, then checks for valid Post Format if a Post Type wasn’t found.

    I picked that syntax because most people expect it to work that way.

    @wayne Allen: Perfect! That makes a lot of sense. I can foresee scenarios where people are using both Custom Post Types and Post Formats and want to set the Post Format on a Custom Post Type, but I think that’s probably more rare than using Custom Post Types or Post Formats.

    Either way, it might be worth mentioning in the documentation which line in postie-functions.php needs editing to change the delimiter if someone wants to use both (assuming it will be as easy as using a different delimiter).

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