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  • Hello, I have a question about allowable HTML tags in the title="my title blah blah blah" portion of the collapseomatic shortcode.

    You see, when I tried to use a superscript tag to show the ‘registered trademark’ icon above and smaller than the ‘regular’ text, it broke the line’s formatting, like so:

    This is how the shortcode was formulated in the back end, using the block editor custom HTML block:

    I also tried the HTML character code for this, to test it out, but it also didn’t work. It was set up like so:

    The <sup></sup> tag works on all our other headings and in text using HTML. According to this resource, it should display with the following CSS rules:

    sup {
      vertical-align: super;
      font-size: smaller;

    So I tried adding that manually with a span style tag in the expand title area, but it also didn’t work.

    This is how it should appear:

    I tried looking at your documentation to see if there are any rules with allowed HTML tags in the title of an expand shortcode, but didn’t see any (not sure if I missed it, if so, I apologize).

    Do you know why this is happening and how we can avoid this issue?

    Right now, the registered trademark icon is showing full size, and kind of makes things hard to read.

    This isn’t a problem with the traditional, “TM” which I guess is a character that shows as superscript automatically. Here is an example of that one working in the expand title, and without needing any HTML tags to show up that way:

    But the “registered” icon does not do that as a character without the sup tag, and we need it to, to display properly.

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    please post an example of the code you are using wrapped in code tags.
    why not simply do something like:
    title="my title blah blah <sup>blah</sup>"

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