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  • @david,

    I’ve just tested on my site and it works fine for me. Please can you give me more details like version number of WordPress and Subscribe2 and also describe step by step exactly what you are doing.

    Hi There

    I am using WP 3.5.1 although the problem started with 3.5
    I am using 8.7 version

    I am using your plugin in a community site that I put together for the village I live in. People leave notes in my mailbox asking that I add them to the list of people that receive the daily update from the website. Ironic considering they bother visitng my mailbox when they are looking to receive emails, but, such is the world. As a result I add new subscribers in manually when the need arises.

    In the “Public Subscribers” tab, when I add an email to the “Add/Remove Subscribers” text field and press “Subscribe” The page reloads, I get a textual confirmation of the address being added, however the list of subscribers does not grow and I can’t find the newly added address in the list. The workaround I’ve figured out is to add people to the registered subscribers list where they do show up. However this is a hassle as the registration form requires more work and effort.

    Thanks for the response

    David Miron


    I suspect you may have upgrade to Subscribe2 8.7 from a version before version 8.6 and fallen victim to a bug in 8.7 that failed to correctly amend the database table.

    If you update to the development version this should fix itself. The development version will show as version 8.8 and can be obtained here:

    Hello again

    Is there an automated manner in which I can upgrade to 8.8 or do I actually have to go the server and paste over the existing files of the plugin? Will my DB be affected? will changes that we made to the plugin be affected also?




    I don’t think there is an automatic way until the code is released as a official version so FTP is the best way. Disable the plugin, copy the files from the unzipped archive on your local machine to the server and then re-activate the plugin.
    Will DB be affected – yes it will be upgraded and your issue fixed. Will you lose other changes, no – the update preserves existing settings and subscribers.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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