• hello all,

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, as I’m looking to do anything fancy with this app. I’m using the newest version and I’m creating pages using the dashboard and the pages automatically appear as horizontally oriented text that are links located at the top of each of my pages. So they are basically menus. But I’m having trouble creating submenus under each of these links. This image explains what I’m looking for:


    Is this possible to do with the way I have wordpress setup now? I have not modified the apps since I installed it. I am just creating pages with the dashboard in the simplest manner possible. thanks!

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  • I hope I’m reading your question right.

    Open up one of the pages in the admin that you want to be a subpage. Then in the sidebar under “Parent page” select the page that you want your page to be a child of.

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    that is exactly what I’ve tried so far, and it results in the first image I included in my previous post. that’s not what I need. my child pages already has that option selected on each of them, as seen here:


    what I want is like what these people are doing:


    you can see that in each menu there is a right arrow on the right side, and I assume when you click that, submenus will appear. I don’t care how it’s done or what it looks like, but that’s the point of all of this. Is it simple to do with wordpress?

    Hey Adam,

    Its Stephan, Not Stephanie… But that’s Ok :p

    So if i understand correct your want subpages under subpages? Something like this?

    You can create a new page called “Client side” and set the parent page to “Web applications” Then set the parent page for the “Html code” etc to the Client side page!?

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    thanks stephan,

    that looks like what i need. let me try to get it implemented and I’ll get back to you. It might be a while until I can get to it, but I’ll get back to you soon for sure!

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    Hi Adam, unless you have your site’s menus to automatically add new pages, you will need to do more than create pages. That setting is located on the menus admin screen. I believe most people disable that setting and manually create a menu structure to their liking. You select the pages you want from the left side and add them to the menu. Then drag/drop the menu items around as you prefer. Child menu items are created by dragging in a way that the outlined drop target area is indented from the parent item above.

    This isn’t a topic for the Developing WordPress forum. I’m moving it to Fixing WordPress. No worries though, we know it’s often hard to decide the correct forum and “Fixing” isn’t any more logical than “Developing”. The logic is along the lines of “My site isn’t doing what I want and needs to be fixed.” 🙂

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    I assume this thread has been moved? The SEO URL doesn’t tell me that, so I assume it has been. But regardless, I have a new question that might relate to the one that created this topic. Can either you Stephan tell me how to correct the problem I am getting by having too many “page menus” at the top of the screen and as a result having them shoved to a new line? see this image for what I’m talking about:


    and bc, can you or Stephan point me to a tutorial or something to where I can follow step by step instructions to accomplish what you’ve described? Your post is pretty good, but I write so much software that I hate figuring out new stuff and try to avoid it whenever possible and just follow “dummy” instructions in a literal sense.


    Hi Adam,

    The way the menu’s are displayed is part of the theme. Id you want to change this you will have to change the themes code/css, or install another theme that meets your needs.

    Regarding the tutorials you ask for, I would recommend you do a google search. There are plenty of tutorials on this subject.

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    thanks Stephan. give me 24 to 48 hours to look into this. I will reply again when i get it sorted out. I’ll let you know if I need additional help.

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    Yes, the topic URL does not change when we move topics to other forums. It’s only a meta data change. The only evidence of change on this page is the breadcrumb trail near the top of the page.

    You can manage the menu content in the admin area by going to Appearance > Menus. If WP is adding pages to the menu that you don’t want, be sure the checkbox below the menu items for automatically adding new pages is unchecked. You can also edit the menu text to make a few take up less space, or drag less important menu items below another as a sub-menu. Play around with the UI for a bit and you’ll get the idea. Nothing is saved until you explicitly save the menu.

    If the menu appearance is the only thing you dislike about the theme, you can add custom CSS in the Additional CSS panel of the customizer (Appearance > Customize) and thus style the menu elements in any way you desire without needing to change themes. Beware if you attempt other custom work though, such as editing templates. Your changes will lost when(if?) the theme updates. The changes in the customizer are safe from updates.

    I hear you about new software being frustrating. Searching the ‘net can yield answers to most situations you’re stuck on. I know, search results can be frustrating too, wading through pages of inappropriate answers. Answers can usually be had for the asking here, though clearly the turnaround time can be lengthy. There is also support for WP on IRC if you’re in a hurry. See https://make.wordpress.org/support/irc-support-channel/ for more info.

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