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    I’ve tried to use a multitude of plugins that promise an easy to route to adding dropdown submenus to my main menu.

    So far nothing’s worked with the theme I have going (a modified version of WPShower’s imbalance2).

    I’m wondering if anyone can easily take a look at how my nav/theme is currently structured and identify why I’m hitting a dead end.

    Here’s the site:

    Thank you one and all!

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  • Do they work on the original theme? Try comparing whatever you changed to those files?

    You also have a lot of mark-up errors – not sure if any are relevant to the menu…

    Note that these forums only support themes from the repository on this site, so help here is likely to be limited.

    Dropdown menus are going to be tough to just ‘bolt on’ to a theme, sorry to say. If they aren’t built in from the start you are looking at a world of pain to get them :/

    You have a pretty simple layout so it would be trivial to find a new theme that you could switch to that already supports dropdown menus.

    Thanks WPyogi. imbalance2 does not support submenu dropdowns natively. I’ll check out the mark-up errors — appreciate the advice.

    Seylin thanks for the encouragement but I’m not so sure I’d agree that it would be trivial to hop on to a new theme. imbalance2 does a great job of working out the Masonry layout out of posts, which I haven’t seen much of elsewhere. Also I’ve done hours of custom work on the loop logic to create two totally different archive types. So for better or worse I’m sticking it out here for the time being.

    Happily I’ve found a solution which has allowed me to override my theme’s menu and introduce a new menu function that supports dropdown menus. Full (and easy) tutorial here:

    The only halfway tricky part was adjusting the CSS to undo their theme and restore the look that I had going.

    This took me a while to find — I hope it helps others!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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