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    Hey guys,

    So i have a site where i have used the authors.php page so that i can display individual user’s profile pages.. the url then looks something like:

    What i would like to do is have it so that I can add subpages to this that are common for each user ie:

    is there a place i should be telling URL’s of this structure to be redirecting to a specific file? and how would i do that?

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  • I would advise your users that you are attempting an insecure method of listing their profiles.

    you’re not really being very helpful Seacoast Web Design.. the site is a directory site.. it doesnt list things like their emails unless they want to.. which all users when the register will be told about in the terms and conditions of sign up..

    please post USEFUL responses to peoples forum questions.. as im noticing that your posts in other peoples topics are about as helpful..

    Please spend more a few seconds clicking then copying and pasting.

    could an admin please remove the last 3 posts as they are completely irrelevant to the issue.. Seacoast Web Design.. this is a How-To and Troubleshooting forum.. the idea is to direct people to help or provide it yourself.. neither of which you are doing.. please desist from hijacking this thread..

    I am advising you and your users not to do what you want to do.

    to get a mod to pay attention add ‘modlook’ to the tags

    Author Templates

    are default functionality of WordPress.. there is nothing INSECURE about displaying COMMON information about users that would similarly be displayed when the user made a comment.. or created a page..

    i am categorically telling you that i DO want to do this.. i can assure you that is why i am asking..

    Templates are not default functionality. They may or many not include such, however.

    both the TwentyTen and TwentyEleven DEFAULT themes that come WITH wordpress include Author Tempate files..

    I say again.. i DO want to do what i am asking.. unless you have something CONSTRUCTIVE to add.. please STOP hijacking this thread..

    Have a read on Google:

    “wordpress security author template”

    yep.. first 10 search results (HERE with quotes, and HERE without quotes) are either links to the function references that I have already provided, or people talking about security plugins with NO reference to ANY issues in the author template.. with the exception of PERHAPS THIS however, it is clearly his PERSONAL opinion about usernames vs emails..

    when you find evidence id be happy to listen.. but telling me to ‘google it’ doesnt really fill me with any strong belief that you know of any security issues outside of those that a privacy policy negates..


    outside of those that a privacy policy negates

    Does it?

    Yes, that is in fact how that works, obscure search results are not on page 1.

    so it’s neither a point that occurs often enough that anyone raises it in forums NOR blog about it!? – again FILLING me with confidence of your proficiency on this subject

    if you want me to trawl through PAGES of google search results to find a site that MAYBE provides support to an issue that ONLY you thinks exists, im going to kindly ask you to get lost..

    either provide me with a link yourself.. or STOP POSTING ON THIS THREAD.. simples

    I can provide advice, and do, take it at will.

    That’s great.. But generally, advice is given based on either experience or evidence.. Given you have provided me with neither its about as useful as posting ‘I have a car. The car has an issue. Fix it’ (for clarity – that’s NOT useful)

    That was not this post. Was this one. It was exceedingly vague.

    Please refrain from huff here.

    I have helped many here and elsewhere.

    I just find your attempts ill-advised.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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