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  • Is there a way to add searchable sub-categories to the main categories? So in other words, everyone would be assigned a main category and then a sub-category, and then in the list view the user would be able to select the main category and then subcategory to view all those that fit that specific criteria.

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  • Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    There isn’t a way to do this in the plugin as it is, but you can create a custom search control that will do this.

    You’ll need to know some PHP and javascript to get this done, you can set something like this up in a custom template. Here’s a tutorial that explains how that can be done.

    Dropdown Selectors: limit selections based on another selector

    Will the Chosen Selector Add-On perform the same function?

    I noticed the example in your documentation was for the registration page, but will it also work on the listing page and display only results that fit the selected criteria?

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    To implement this in a search control, you would need to build a custom search control that includes the Javascript to make it dynamic. It is possible to construct a search control that operates on more than one field, which is what you’d need probably.

    The Chosen Selector add-on doesn’t have this kind of functionality, so that won’t help you.

    I’ve considered ways to implement this as a feature in the Combo Multisearch add-on, but at this point it’s just an item on the to-do list.

    Generally speaking this is an advanced application you’ll need to have some coding skills to achieve. If you need more detail on how to set up a simple multiple field search control, I can provide that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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