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  • captainsparkle


    I am trying to add a Spry collapsible panel in my WordPress page and am having problems getting it to function. I have yet to find any tips or forum posts on this so not sure if it’s even possible without installing a plug-in of some sort?

    Here’s what I did:

    -added a Spry Collapsible Panel widget in Dreamweaver, and copied the HTML code into a test WordPress post
    -copied the auto-generated <script> tags to the header.php file in WordPress editor
    -uploaded the SpryAssets js and css files via FTP to the appropriate location

    I hit Preview to view, and the CSS was showing up, so my files *should* be in the right place, but the panel would not function. I.e., all the text was just showing expanded, not collapsed as it should initially. And nothing happens when I click the header to toggle it to collapse/expand.

    Off the bat, is there something I’m forgetting?
    I would put up a link to the test but I don’t want it to get posted to the live site..

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