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  • I have amr users & amr users plus plugins. I have built a list as a member directory (shown only to members) with limited member/user info displayed (filtered). When I click on their name I have it so there is a link to their author page. I would like to show the list info on the author page filtered only for that specific user/author.

    In the author page PHP template I can add a list via a shortcode like: <?php echo do_shortcode(“[userlist list=3]”); ?>

    However, it brings up the entire member directory, not just the user associated with that author page.

    I have figured out how to filter out column info with the shortcode to show only the specific data I want (It is how I display limited info on the directory page) – But I cant seem to figure out how to filter for a specific user tied to the author ID.

    Is there a shortcode filter/modification OR a php code I can add to my author page template so the list brings up only the info for that specific author? (and be visible to all members)

    So, for example, If I click on Jane’s link it goes to Janes author page and the list shows Janes info. And if I click on Johns link, it shows all of Johns info.

    I also tried to link the filtered list it to the ‘list2’ setting – which almost works. Clicking that will allow for the full list info to show for just that user/author within the list (not the author page), but then the “sort feature” for that list doesnt work properly. And, if I try to sort first, then all the names that start with J appear and you see all of the info – which I dont want.

    I am so close to getting this to work properly, I just need a little help across the finish line! I appreciate your time and advice!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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