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  • I have downloaded some good fonts ( and will like to use them with one of my blogs. I know the font will not show if other people dont have it. So is there a way to make it viewable to other people? any help is apreciated 🙂

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    The only way to make it viewable by other people would be to constantly nag them all into downloading the font, or post everything as one big image file.

    post everything as one big image file? please explain this (I’m still learning about these things…). I don’t see how I can do that for each post. unless I’m misunderstanding …
    thanks 🙂

    This is a browser-dependent solution, but the site isn’t going to look exactly the same, pixel for pixel in everyone’s browser anyway. I think we’ve all come to accept that now.

    Be careful which fonts you use that you aren’t trampling someone’s copyright.

    Also, if you want to just use a certain font for the title effect, I believe there is a plugin for this. . .

    Oh, and of course, you would NEVER, EVER post everything as one big image file and [not to put word’s in anyone’s mouth, but…] I don’t think the poster meant that actually. I think he was trying to point out the extreme solution. To be so hell-bent on having one particular font on one’s site for everyone to see — can you imagine the poor peeps on dialup downloading a big honking image of someone’s web page? 😉

    Anyway I hope these links are of use.

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    Yeah, I didn’t mean that, it’s very extreme solution. Basically, I was suggesting writing your post in another app using your preferred font, taking a screen shot of that, and then posting the image as your post. But I would never do that, that’s just madness. Joni’s solution looks nice, but then again, I hate anything that alienates Mac users.

    ah ok I was getting a bit confused Macmanx 🙂 lol Jonimueller, thanks for your help I’m going to try the first website later today. I hope it will work. it’s meant for a private blog but I’ll credit the font author. Actually the font I have doesn’t have the author’s details. Weird. thanks anyway 🙂

    you should better check out mike davidsons sIFR.

    sIFR works quite well, though you only want to use it for headers – too many Flash objects running at once will bog down a user’s processor – Shaun Inman’s site, for example, freezes Firefox Mac.

    Here, by the way, you can see how I’m using it:

    shauninman works like a charm on my mac fox.
    Flash image replacement has pros and cons. its a HUUUGE leap foreward and its great for replacing headlines – but i wouldnt recommend it for replacing copytext (well i wouldnt recommend all other replacement methods neither) 😉

    and btw: a nice site you have there 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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