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  • hi,
    i have uploaded a slideshow to slideshare and i have the coding which needs to be added to my blog:

    [slideshare id=56557&doc=lapush-cd-launch-party-25237&w=425]

    i have copied that exact phrase to a new blog post but it shows verbatim when published instead of the slideshow.

    could someone give me a step by step as to what i need to do?

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  • That code is for blogs. (Actually says that on their page) Not regular wordpress blogs. Try using the “embed into your blog” code.

    thanks for your reply. i don’t know the “embed into your blog” code. where do i use it?

    Sounds like you are in the Visual edit mode, not the Code edit mode.

    From /***/wp-admin/post-new.php , click on Code tab (moving from the default Visual WYSIWYG mode, if there)

    Cut and paste code from SlideShare ‘Embed in your blog’

    Note: as noted by drmike above, not the ‘Embed (’ code unless you are using WordPress for hosting.

    Caveat: If you go back to Visual mode, (seen in WP 2.3.1) behind the scenes, WordPress messes with the code, typically moving the “/object” tag up in the code block

    What I do, which saves considerable frustration:

    1. Write the complete post without the embed code, leaving myself a placeholder note as in “[insert slideshare here]”
    2. After all previews and any editing, go to Code tab if not already there, replace the placeholder note with cut-and-pasted code from SlideShare
    3. Click on ‘Publish’ (never going into Visual mode)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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