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  • Hello all.

    Im in a bit of a pickle about something. I hope you can help me 🙂

    What im trying to do is implement a nice little post slider to my website, exactly the same as this: ( click on the next button to see the effect )

    Im using jquery cycle with the “slide” effect and was wondering how you would go about setting this up so that i can link through to something similar from, say, featured posts on my home page.

    so the logic would be:

    user arrives on home page – user clicks through on featured post – user is directed to the featured post ( with other featured posts pre – loaded and ready to slide in when the user clicks “next post”)

    The main problem i have is how to make the slider begin on the correct post!

    Any thoughts or advise would be HUGELY appreciated. ? – ?

    ,,,,i think this would make a nice plugin at some point 🙂

    thanks for your time,


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  • Hmmmmmmm….. maybe that sounded a bit complicated.

    In brief:

    How could i add jQuery cycle ( slide right to left effect ) to single posts “next post” button?

    is there any way? or does this sound mental…?

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