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  • Hi there – I’m wondering if anybody has figured out how to make Imbalance 2 theme widget aware. It’s a great theme, but it has no sidebars and accepts no widgets, which is very limiting.

    I started using this theme on, and I just transferred it to bluehost. The odd thing is the version seems to have been customized to include widget areas in the header/footer area, where the wpshower version assigns and restricts those areas to menus, handled through the menu admin panel.

    All of the extra sidebar plug-ins seem to require an existing sidebar to “replace” with the plug-in sidebar. They don’t work unless you have a theme that includes widgets.

    I’ve tried contacting the theme creator (wpshower), but they seem to have gone radio silent, with their last twitter feed, facebook feed, etc. being posted in December, 2011. (I hope they’re OK…)

    I would happily pay for a premium theme, but I haven’t found any grid-based themes that I like as well as this for my blog.

    My blog is

    Thanks in advance for any ideas and/or assistance!

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  • I kind of same situation, any help please?



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    please post more details, or start your own topic and post details there.

    widgetizing a complex theme is a mjor process, and any support with that might well be beyond the scope of a forum like this.
    more importantly, the theme is not from and is therefore not supported beyond general advice.

    consider to post a job at

    I didn’t want to open a new topic since annaslipp has the same theme i’m using and having the same issue with this theme.

    sorry for jumping on people’s topic even if it’s exactly the topic that i would create.

    thanks pointing that out I may consider to post a job.
    in the meantime, would you please keep this topic alive? who knows maybe someone out there in the other side of the cable has the solution 🙂


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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