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  • Hi,

    I’ve got a new install of WP. I’m using the default theme cos I kinda like it, the only change I’ve made is that in t post template file, I’ve changed the content class to “narrowcolumn” and I’ve added a get_sidebar() call right above the get_footer() one so that I get the sidebar on the right as with all otr pages in the site.

    However, on post permalink pages, this sidebar is not in the faded gray that it is on every single other page.

    I’ve gone through the code and I can’t see why this is happenning because the HTML is so similar on these pages, and the same CSS is being included.

    I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find anything similar.

    Directions and tips on this would be greatly apprecieated.

    – Simon

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  • I suspect that’s because on every other page you are viewing index.php however when you are looking at an individual post you are looking as comments.php (I think that’s the one). Anyway, you may have to change something there.

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