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  • spaceamoeba


    Hey all,

    I wanted to create a page wherein I review books, movies, etc. There’s no plugin that does exactly what I wantm, but some come close. My only problem is that ALL of them appear only in the sidebar. Is there any way to get the information to appear in a main page?

    Thanks in advance…

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  • vkaryl


    Why can’t you just use the plugin call in the page instead of the sidebar?



    I tried to just drop the code into an entry, but it doesn’t work. 🙁 I fully admit I’m probably missing something… I just installed WP four days ago. I create a page, and I’d like to put the information in the page, but simply adding the code as one would add text doesn’t work.



    Are you talking about the code for the entire plugin? That’s not what goes anywhere….

    Each plugin has a “snippet” of code which tells the plugin where to display. For instance: the WeatherIcon plugin is “called” by this code wherever you wish to place it –

    <?php if (function_exists('WeatherIcon')) : ?>
    <ul> <?php WeatherIcon('KCDC'); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    That’s all the code you need once you’ve activated that particular plugin. I have that snippet on a couple of pages, on an index page, on various sidebars, and on a site wherein wordpress itself doesn’t even exist.

    This is similar for other plugins. The plugin files go into the wp-content/plugins folder, then you activate the plugin through wp-admin. Then you place the “call” (similar to the code snippet above, and generally given to you in the plugin’s readme file) where you want the plugin display to show. I’ve actually not personally run across any plugin which was ONLY usable in a sidebar….



    I’m not explaining myself well. Maybe I’ll give you the particular situation, and that’ll help you to help me. (By the way, I really do appreciate your time trying to drill what must be common sense to a newbie) 🙂

    What I wanted was to create a page for reviews on books, movies, music etc. So, I created a “reviews” page, which shows up on the top, next to home page link. No probs so far.

    Then, I did some searching. I found a good plugin called “Addictions” which seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted to do. I downloaded it, installed it, and activated it. No probs so far.

    The install text indicates that I need to place the code within the sidebar theme on my template. Well, here’s where it gets dicey. See, I didn’t WANT the information there. I wanted it on an entirely separate page, comprising the body of the page (mostly because it’s going to eventually be a list too long for the sidebar, but also because I like to delineate things like that). So, I figured I’d place the code within the text for the page and it’d work (similar to placing the code for a flickr badge right in the page or entry text). That didn’t work.

    My closest guess at this point is that the code can’t go in the text section of the page, but rather only into a template. I think what I need to do is create a new template for that particular page, and then drop the code in there somehow. However, I’m not even sure if this is the right method, to say nothing of how to do it if it is the way to go. So, I guess my questions really are:

    1. Can I put the calls for the code into a page’s text in the same way I enter entries into other posts?

    1a. If so, is there a trick I’m missing?
    1b. If not, what’s the best way?

    2. If the answer is to make a whole new template and place the code calls into it, can you point me to a ground level (as in. I’m totally green and never done this before) tutorial on how to do this?

    Thanks again! I really appreciate the help…


    Oh, PS… in case it’d help to see the site, it’s here:

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