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    I’ve just installed your plugin and I’ve to say that I’m impressed. This thing is slick! It must have taken so long to make this…

    So my problem is actually super easy for you to solve since I plan on coding what I need myself. Basically I need to be able to add my own shortcodes and I just wanted to know what you suggest for doing that. Specifically I need to be able to include lots of post_meta stuff in my template like SKU, Width, Depth, Height, Wood Type, Condition, Circa Date, etc. I control all of this information via various custom meta fields associated with my “product” custom post type. I’m not sure how you associate the listings with product (post) ID’s, so I figured I would save some time by asking you what the best way is for me to handle this before I started digging heavily around in your code.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi Comrade,

    thanks for your feedback. WP-Lister already supports shortcodes like [product_weight]* or [product_length]* for dedicated meta fields that exist in most shop plugins.

    If you have more product meta like SKU, Wood Type, etc. you should set them up as attributes (WooCommerce) or Custom Product Meta (WP e-Commerce) and use the attribute shortcodes like [attribute_SKU]*.

    Are you using WP e-Commerce or WooCommerce? (The latter would be recommended…)

    More flexibility for template developers will be included in future versions. You will be able to use custom hooks or filters to add custom functionality and shortcodes via a listing template’s functions.php. If you would like to get involved in this – or test early beta versions – just contact me at

    kind regards,


    * – all shortcodes in WP-Lister have double brackets to distinguish them from wp shortcodes. however, I can’t enter double brackets in this editor…



    Thanks for the rapid reply. First, sorry for the length of this reply. The tldr; version is that I’m providing a list of features that I would have to add for my employer to be able to use this rather than the default Ebay interface.

    So to clarify, if I have custom meta fields that I have created myself (and don’t belong to MarketPress by default), I can access them by using, for example, double-bracketed [attribute_circa_date]?

    I like the future flexibility that you’re talking about. However, I can’t use WP-Lister in its current form for my employer because they have so many special requirements and find the default Ebay interface more convenient because of the minor functionality loss with the use of this plugin. They sell antique furniture, which is a pretty unique and under-served industry as far as it relates to ecommerce applications. For clarity’s sake, I’ve made a list of things that I would need to change in WP-Lister for my employer to be able to use it and still keep the functionality and convenience that they have using the default Ebay interface:

    • The ability to add shortcodes that refer to functions and not simply custom meta attributes; for example my client uses a template that places product images in a table with captions, so I would need to add a shortcode, e.g. [wpl-gallery], that outputs this table.
    • The ability to modify the base product price by a custom formula that takes input from weight. For example my company uses a formula that takes their base price, multiplies it by 1.67, adds a shipping cost based on the weight, and then applies a discount based on whether or not the user is logged into the website as a wholesale user (which receives an additional discount). Lastly my company uses a slightly higher price on their Ebay listings because they have found that Ebay customers never buy their products outright but always choose to make an offer. So the store prices are lower and not consistent with Ebay prices, thus the need for a formula.
    • The ability to choose Freight shipping. My employer ships everything either by UPS or by Freight, which is not in the list of available shipping options shown on the Profile editor page.
    • The ability to leave Condition on the Profile editor blank. Currently the only Condition option is “New,” which isn’t accurate for the wide array of antiques that my employer carries.

    Lastly I am guessing that your plugin works with WP-Ecommerce but not with MarketPress? There is no “Prepare listings” option in the bulk actions menu located on the Products page.

    I will contact you via regarding helping with future updates to the plugin; I think that what you said you want to add makes a lot of sense. 🙂

    Thanks again,

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